Land of the Giants


Giants Log is a non-profit organisation, established in 1990, and is dedicated to preserving and promoting the science fiction television series Land of the Giants, produced by Irwin Allen.

This website is a tribute to Irwin Allen, the cast and production crew of Land of the Giants who made this fun show possible. It is also a tribute to all the people who help to keep the series alive for future generations.

Giants Log and the cast members work together to offer viewers the opportunity to learn more about the show, the actors, behind-the-scenes production, plus much more.

Over the years, Giants Log has arranged many parties and meetings with actors and crew from Land of the Giants and the other Irwin Allen productions. Giants Log also tries to support as many conventions featuring the cast as it can.

If you would like to be a part of the Land of the Giants family, we offer a free membership pack. Click here for details on how to obtain your free membership.

Having done extensive research on the Irwin Allen shows and movies over the years, Giants Log expanded to its work to develop the Irwin Allen News Network (IANN) in honour of Irwin Allen and those who worked with him, especially Paul Zastupnevich who became the honorary president of IANN.

If you would like to find out more, please enjoy browsing around the IANN and Giants Log web sites. You will find more material on this classic television series on the IANN site with special galleries and creative work from fans.

If you would like to contribute articles, reports, photographs, original art work etc, we would welcome your support. You can contact us via our Contact page.